• CA Plus 20k Morgs 1.0 Batting Pads

    Plus 20k 1.0 batting pad is an absolute choice for all such cricketers out there who are professional batsmen. Part of the iconic series Plus 20 K this leg armour is being endorsed and used by Eoin Morgan. Also, these pads portray? the presence of high-density foam at its front and its lighter weight makes movement easier, with no chances of knee and ankle injury. The doubled layer foam makes it durable and strong enough to absorb fast bowling along with the assurance of comfortability for a player. Its beautiful bright white exterior possesses a 7-piece cane armour to encounter and handles shocks. Therefore, if you are seeking high-class protection, and an invincible look, this pad is ought to be part of your protection gears as well.

  • CA Plus 1.0 Batting Pads

    • Premium quality top of the range product.
    • Designed and manufactured for professionals.
    • Macho outlook beefed with foam lining for ultimate protection of legs.
    • Its 7 cane shock-resistant structure.?
    • Specially designed side extension to protect the legs.?
    • Silver and Gray branding on the back with tight enclosure technology

    CA Plus 1.0 Batting Pads

  • CA Plus 20k Morgs 2.0 Batting Pads

    This protection pad is another addition to the remarkable 20k series of CA sports. The pad possesses various features in its composition which makes it a reliable product. The presence of high quality molded foam makes it a protection shield for legs which is capable of absorbing jolts that any batsman encounters in a field.?

    The ultra-soft wings and its extra lightweight is another specification that makes your movement in the field easier. The padded straps are embedded in it and hence make it shock resistant. Mimics the Plus 20K 1.0 this 5-piece cane lightweight product is something that is offered to the customer in a fine price package.?

  • CA Plus 2.0 Batting Pads

    So the Plus 2.0 is the extension of the Plus leg guard series. Since it is a mid-price range leg pad, yet it can be used in almost all formats of crickets. Also, the new macho shape and its lightweight are already being observed in its manufacturing process which is good enough to keep up with the factor of smooth movement while putting it on. 5 straight canes structure with shock-absorbing material embedment ensures the ability of maximum shock absorption. Just like 1.0, it has side protection along with reinforcement at the knee to absorb ball collusions in case the ball hits the guard.


    CA Plus 2.0 Batting Pads


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