CA Plus 1.0 Batting Pads

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  • Premium quality top of the range product.
  • Designed and manufactured for professionals.
  • Macho outlook beefed with foam lining for ultimate protection of legs.
  • Its 7 cane shock-resistant structure.?
  • Specially designed side extension to protect the legs.?
  • Silver and Gray branding on the back with tight enclosure technology
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With the advancement and development in every segment of existing industries, cricket is not any lesser though. Every day new product with more developed and refine features is being launched in the category of cricket goods as well. So here comes the launch of another series in the protection gears by CA sports. And that is the Plus series which comprises 1.0 as one of its primary products.

Plus 1.0 batting pads are designed for all those batsmen out there who are professional and bat on a variety of pitches. Little macho in outlook yet fully beefed with protective shock absorbing foam lining under the cage of 7 piece cane structure just the way contemporary cricketers want. The presence of double-layered foam on knees assures the prevention of delicate parts of the legs. Fully shock absorbent ability with arched shaped mould at the feet enables it to fit on any type of cricket shoes.?


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Adults Right Hand, Adults Left Hand


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