• CA Plus 20k 1.0 Batting Gloves

    For professional cricketers who look up to protection gears of good quality plus 20k 1.O is that special glove which is crafted to protect their hands effectively. This glove with bright white with orange and black branding looks extremely classy while being put on your hands. It is mainly made for the batsmen who tackle adversities of professional fields. The palm is crafted using Pittard leather with PU facing which exhibits a sense of comfort and facilitates the player to have a firm grip on the bat’s handle so that he can perform well in the ground.?

    The high-density foam is a part of its composition which guards your hands against injury. Another prominent feature is the presence of protection fibre in all fingers. So this product is designed to cater to contemporary cricketers whose safety and performance are linked with each other.?

  • CA Plus 1.0 Batting Gloves

    It is a fine product manufactured and presented under plus a series of a total of 4 gloves. Made from Pittard leather which ensures quality, strength, and comfort. And PU facing ensures durability. And there comes high-density foam which is a humongous support system against all jolts and challenges in the field. And lastly, the high protection fibre is instilled in all fingers which provides flexibility and resilience against shocks.?

    And the sweat absorbent cotton towel grip ensures firm stability of the product in hands while playing fearlessly. The logo of CA sports engraved on its exterior adds grace to its outlook. So this pro-glove is the first choice of many finest cricketers around the world

  • CA Plus 20k 2.0 Batting Gloves

    This glove is another addition in the gloves of plus 20k series. Either you choose it or any other pair from the same series and collection. Every product has its specialty and is going to facilitate you according to your budget. So this glove is manufactured from premium sheep leather which is instilled on the palm area making it lightweight and comfortable to carry. Also, the presence of PU at the back of the hands assures durability and quality. Wrist fitting is a 100% percent pure cotton towel with an adjustable stick system for all types of wrists. This cotton towel also protects you from the sweat of the arm that can slip into your hand while playing especially in hot weather.?

    The high-density foam which is submerged in it throughout gives your hand protection against severe ball jolts in the field. wearing a fine product like this pair can be your confidence booster and comfort zone as well. Then talking about the fingers which are manufactured by the protection fibre facilitates in handling shocks. So a product offering the aforementioned features should be a part of your cricket accessories.?

  • CA Plus 2.0 Batting Gloves

    If being cricket centric you also seek outstanding performance and safety of your hands while facing pace bowlers. Then plus 2.O is one of the amazing products which is specifically designed to cater to these expectations of cricketers out there. Responsive palm manufactured from sheep leather is quite soft and feels like a second skin. PU at the back of hands makes it look shiny compact and classy

    Astoundingly pleasing in looks which shows embossed CA logo with urban motive branding on it. Plus 2.0 is hot selling pair of gloves and available in different sizes. For more information check the size chart below.


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