Gray-Nicolls Players Cricket Bat (2021)

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  • Classic Gray-Nicolls design with silver and white checked stickers and modern, streamlined central sticker
  • Mid-blade swell for players of all styles, promising a sustained sweet spot across the blade
  • Balanced pick-up and slightly off-set profile cater to all cricketers
  • Consistent look and feel across the entire Classic collection
  • Traditional Gray-Nicolls stickers
  • Hand-crafted by our master bat makers
  • Quality controlled in Robertsbridge
  • Made with the most exceptional quality English willow
  • Weight is around 2.9lbs
  • Finish: Natural blade
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Some cricketers put trust at the forefront of their minds. Trust in your work to get you to this point. Trust in your technique to get you through tough moments. Also, trust that the bat that you have chosen will work with you to succeed, even in the face of adversity. If you are the trusting kind then the Classic Players is the bat you need to take your game forward.

Featuring everything you could want from a Gray-Nicolls bat, from aesthetics to performance. It’s a timeless piece of wood that will leave the fielding team knowing that they have a real player in front of them. No gimmickry is required – you are here to make an impact in style.

The design of the Players is unchanged from 2018 – beautiful, simple, and elegant. The iconic red and silver checks complement the natural English willow, shimmering in the sun and off-setting the red flash of Gray-Nicolls down the front and back of the bat. Streamlined name stickers further enhance the stripped-back beauty of this timeless cricket bat.

A mid-blade profile ensures the bat performs for all styles of batsmen, from fleet-of-feet to quick-of-hand. The Player’s bat offers a sustained sweet spot across the blade, giving ultimate value for shots all around the ground, with a balanced pick-up and slightly off-set profile catering for everyone from the school playing field to the sacred ground of Lord’s.

Made with the most beautiful English Willow, hand-crafted by Gray-Nicolls’ master bat makers, and quality checked in Robertsbridge. Before despatch, the Classic Players is – simply put – the iconic Gray-Nicolls cricket bat.

For those that put their trust in a brand to deliver the best cricket bats. The Classic collection by Gray-Nicolls ticks every box in performance and aesthetics.

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Gray-Nicolls Players Cricket Bat

Gray-Nicolls Players Cricket Bat (2021)

£316.99£399.99 (-21%)

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