Katchet Catching Cricket Board


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  • Katchet is practical, portable and offers a constant challenge to cricketers of all ages and abilities.
  • Suitable for use with soft or hard ball, Katchet will provide situation specific training for all fielding positions.
  • Katchet mirrors random deflections encountered when the ball deviates after hitting the bat or wicket.
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Designed as a small, portable ridged board for easy catching practise (requires a thrower and a catcher). It is suitable for use with a hard or soft ball.

It is designed to test one person of any ability but can be combined/interlocked side by side for more participants or to provide additional deflection for those diving catches.

The Katchet has been designed to deflect the ball in an unpredictable yet realistic fashion and helps to develop catching ability, technique and reflexes.

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Katchet Catching Cricket Board