CA Plus 15000 Player Edition

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It is an astounding and elegant thigh guard with features it offers makes it durable and efficient. Starting from the appearance, then there is a grey coloured logo of the company on its both sides having a maroon lining, and the product?s name is inscribed where the logo ends. Its composition ensures protection of upper and lower thighs and inculcation of high-density foam on waist area ensures the defence of waist and hip bone as well. Therefore, it offers fine protection, quality, durability, and comfort.?

This ergonomic product can be worn inside and on top of your trouser. it is tried and tested so the authenticity and quality are not compromised. It is lighter to carry and doesn?t affect the movement of a batsman in the field. And it is a prevalent item which is used by batsmen in cricket matches. Available in fit-to-all size.?

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  • Elegant thigh guard of Plus 15000 Players Edition Series
  • Lightweight and protective.
  • Plus 15000 Player Edition Branding?
  • Protects whole thighs and high-density foam on waist area protects waist and hip bone.?
  • Ergonomic product.?
  • Can be used inside and outside of trouser.


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